5 thoughts on “Roy Underhill never stops

  1. Am I the only person who thinks the hewing bench or stump would be more comfortable if it were higher? Or is it just those of us who’ve had back surgery. I know you need to be somewhat low to get good leverage, but is there an optimum height to save the back and maximize power?

  2. Wasn’t there, didn’t see it
    but my guess the height of a hewing bench/stump
    is as personal as the height of a workbench or anvil
    and at least partially a function of your personal

  3. Jed & Seamus – not sure what picture you’re referring to, there’s no chopping block in this post. BUT…at the Greenwood Fest, we had over 50 chopping blocks, some high, some low. some folks sit at them & hew, others stand. I stand, mine run around 30″-32″ tall for spoon work. Lower for furniture work.

  4. The video works great Peter, even over here in Hobbitland, after shaking off some of the salty water from the pond. There’s no holding that boy Roy back is there?

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