line ’em up

The dust is starting to settle. I’ll get to the whole thing, but in the meantime, here’s the group of instructors from Greenwood Fest.

Back row, left to right – Jögge Sundqvist, Jarrod Dahl, Pete Galbert, Peter Follansbee, Jane Mickelborough, Barn the Spoon, Louise Langsner, Drew Langsner

Front row, left to right –  Dave Fisher, Tim Manney, Darrick Sanderson, Paula Marcoux, JoJo Wood, Roy Underhill

5 thoughts on “line ’em up

  1. What a fantastic group of woodworkers! I had a great time at the Greenwood Fest, and thanks to all who made it possible.

  2. Mercy! A definite who’s who of the field! Would have enjoyed being there. Is there anything similar for the Southeast when y’all are covered in snow??

  3. What a great lineup indeed. I had such a great time at the festival. Thanks so much to all of you who helped make it happen.

    Ah child of countless trees…

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