stopped chamfer and more

Some of what’s been going on here. Greenwood Fest is just over a month away – we have some lathes to build for the bowl turners. We got some great sawn 4″ x 10″ timbers (thanks, Rick) and I started in on boring out the slot on a couple of them. A very nice 2″ auger I got last year or the year before from Ed Lebetkin’s tool store down at the Woodwright’s School.

And Roy fine-tuned it for me; I can’t believe I’ve taken another photo of shavings. Am I becoming one of them?

I’m working over the text of the upcoming book on joinery; it’s had one first-run-through edit already. So I’m addressing some junk, and shooting some replacement photos. here’s stopped chamfers on long rails w mortises. This is a rail for a bedstead, but it looks just like a chest. First, drive the chisel in to make the “stop”.

Then, the chamfer. Lots of tools can do this, I tend to use a spokeshave to start, and a chisel to finish.

Now, the flourishing bit, a scoop cut with the bevel down.

The result.

In the joint stool book is this photo, that goes one step further and has a lamb’s tongue – but that doesn’t “go” on a rail w panels…

It being May, it’s very distracting. The migratory birds are coming north, some to stay, some keep going. We haven’t had much here in the yard yet – the Baltimore orioles (Icterus galbula) started arriving. They nest here. I always stop to look at them, they’re amazing.

this female eastern towhee (Pipilo erythrophthalmus) was just passing through our yard, they nest in the area, but we don’t have enough woods for them.

This white throated sparrow (Zonotrichia albicollis) has its spring colors on –

The others are year-rounders – but getting more lively every day. Female Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) and the male after…

They’re all in & out of the apple trees right outside the shop window. Makes it hard to get work done.

Wednesday & Thursday look sunny. More birds then, I hope.


7 thoughts on “stopped chamfer and more

  1. Seven photos of woodworking and six photos of birds…dangerously approaching the tipping point at which this could be a blog written by Miss Jane Hathaway (baby boomers might get the somewhat obscure 1960’s bird watching reference, the rest can Google it).

    As always, very interesting to see what you are working on.

  2. Peter,
    You are most definitely not becoming one of them. Those shavings are decidedly atypical and worthy of a couple of photos. On another note, I am not a birder. I historically have flirted past the bird pictures. I realized this evening that I now look at the bird pictures almost as carefully as the woodworking photos. When I am out walking the dogs I look at the birds with greater interest and I even recognize some of them. I attribute this change wholly to your blog. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Just to make sure everyone understands…my earlier comment about the bird photos was a modest attempt at humor – I rather like the bird photos, and they are quite different from the birds we have here in the upper midwest.

  4. NICE auger! I’m also not a birder but enjoy the photos, remind me of my mom’s winter birdfeeders growing up.

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