spring cleaning pt 1

we started spring cleaning here yesterday.  I spent the day in the back yard, burning the winter’s collection of brush/branches, etc. It’s a once-a-year chance to spend the entire day by the riverbank…with nothing to do but feed and watch a fire.

I saw lots of birds during the day’s fire. Didn’t get shots of most of them, but here’s a few. (I don’t know what this looks like on your end, but when I preview it, if I click on the photos, they get pretty large, makes them easier to see. sometimes 2 clicks.) There were ospreys around much of the day, but only briefly when I had a camera in my hands:

The cormorants were fishing; but they were quite skittish. Here they are high-tailing it away:

If I was sitting on the riverbank, the red-breasted mergansers paid no attention to me;

when I was standing they either went up the other side of the river, or flew off.

This week I have a few things coming up. Going out to answer a call “Do you want some wide red oak?” – pretty simple question to answer. So some log-splitting coming up. Then I have to plan out my demo/talk for Fine Woodworking Live  http://www.finewoodworkinglive.com/ – it’s my first time working with them. Looks like it will be quite an event.

thanks for all the support from those who have ordered the new videos. I really appreciate it. My setup was a bit clunky, but I went in & made it so those ordering both titles are only paying one shipping fee. I refunded any who got caught in the earlier “double-shipping” debacle. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/new-dvds-carved-oak-boxes-hewing-wooden-bowls-spring-2017/  I have some oak boxes underway, and some hewn bowls. I’ll shoot some of it soon & post some stuff here so any who have not seen the details can get an idea of what the fuss is about…

4 thoughts on “spring cleaning pt 1

  1. I cancelled long history of mag and online FW subscriptions due to their repeated support of “artisans” using illegally poached elephant ivory in their products for sale, whether it be pre-ban (they all claim it is pre-ban) or not.
    I feel compelled to unsubscribe from your newsletter. It’s my loss!

  2. Richard

    Thanks for your note, sorry to hear about you dropping the blog. I understand principled actions, I engage in some myself. I knew/know nothing of FWW’s complicity in ivory trade…
    Being now self-employed, I am in no position to turn up speaking engagements, demonstrations, and appearances like this one. You know quite well, I have nothing to do with ivory in woodworking of course. But that’s neither here nor there.
    Blog followers come & go, (I had one drop out recently because I was thanking the readers too much for their support!) for various reasons.
    I just wanted to reply to you, to note that I understand your action. If you ever change your mind, the blog will still be here, and still be going. I’d be glad to have you back as a reader.

  3. I went to the Minneapolis Institute of Art this weekend and thanks to your blog I went looking for oak chest and boxes.

    I only found a couple, mixed in among the absurd baroque cabinets, and was able to appreciate them much more because of your blog.

    It was my wife’s first time seeing good chip carving up close too so it was fun to be able to explain a little bit about it and pretend that I knew something about art.

    Thanks for writing such informative posts!

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