photos from this week

We got out early on the vernal equinox, to see the sunrise over the trees on the riverbank. While we waited, these red-breasted mergansers came along, chasing the fish along the river.  The other fish-chaser, great blue heron left the scene, water was too high for him.

The sun hit the workshop before it hit us down at the river.

Inside, I’m a sucker for raking light.Now that I finished the chest with drawers, this one is next. Needs some trimming here & there, and fitting the lid. Then when someone buys it, initials carved in the blank area on the center muntin.

Here’s the first 2 (of 8) panels I carved for a bedstead I am making for a customer.

A couple of boxes underway. The front of this one was a carving sample for my recent class in North House Folk School.

Here I’m working on cutting the rabbets for another, smaller box. 

Here it is, test-fitted. Next is to make the till parts, and assemble it.

we went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston the other day. the kids are studying Greek myths, and we went to look at Greek art, mostly sculpture & pottery. I saw patterns everywhere. I probably hadn’t been in those galleries since the 1980s. Amazing stuff.


7 thoughts on “photos from this week

  1. Hi Peter,

    Beautiful work! A headboard, huh? Are you making the whole bed, or just the headboard? That’d be an interesting project!

    Those Greeks….so many faces in their designs!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the update and inspiring photos!


    • Headboard & footboard. Modern mattress support, I’ll nail ledger strips to the long rails for slats to support the bedding. It’s what I did for our bedstead, but this one’s a queenie – 4 panels across both the head & foot.

    • Trent – it’s based on 2 from Devon. Ron White owned a fragment, just the front section, dated 1669. I saw another, 1682, with Chinnery. I just base mine on the 2 wide panels, and the extra-wide (10 1/2″) muntin…then I use related designs on the rails & stiles. This one I added the brackets. Made it to shoot for the new book on joinery, and as example in a class I taught…no room in the house, so it’s for sale…

  2. Peter,

    Beautiful work as usual, thanks for showing us all. I gotta sign up for one of your classes!

    And great inspiration in the Greek antiquities. So many designs and so little time…

    In passing, you mentioned “the new book on joinery”. Can you elaborate?


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