Spoons posted for sale


I’m still slowly getting sorted after moving into the workshop. Posted some spoons for sale today. This hopefully will get back to being a regular occurrence. The link is here, or on the header of the blog page. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/spoons-for-sale-jan-15-2017/

If there’s something you’d like to order, leave a comment and we can take it from there. Details on the page..

back to work for me…


10 thoughts on “Spoons posted for sale

  1. Hello Peter, although late…Happy New Year, The shop is weathering great. Will you put on any finish or oil to prolong it’s life? something of a simple/traditional mixture like linseed or pine tar?

  2. Hey Peter It doesn’t look like you can comment on the actual spoons for sale page so I am hoping a comment here reaches you. I would like to purchase spoon Jan 08 of it is still available. Thanks.


  3. Hi Peter,

    I’m interested in this one: “Jan o3, this is also sycamore. A spot of the heartwood shows in the bowl. asymmetrical handle gives it a nice sweep… L: 11 5/8″ W: 2 5/8″ $80”


  4. Hello again,

    So yesterday it was a long debate between #1 and #8. Yesterday #8 won. After much thought we’ve decided there doesn’t need to be a winner this time. I would like #1 too (the ladle) if it is still available.


  5. I would like to buy Jan 5 if it is still available. Paypal works for me. I finished three spoons I started in your class last December, check them out on my instagram, @schmidtwj
    Thanks! – Bill

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