15 thoughts on “It snowed, so some photos

  1. Always looks beautiful the first few snow falls. Come March I get pretty sick of it. -9° right now in SE Minnesota. Peter, I love your shop and it’s setting.

    • woodstove. still not hooked up yet. though. Holidays and other junk got in the way. Most days this season so far, I’ve been able to work in there pretty easily. hope to do the install next week. I’ve been saying that for 3 weeks or more.

  2. Just a place to get away and be by yourself when its so pretty outside is a great thing. I love your workshop.

  3. Such an amazing shop. Would you mind sharing the dimensions? Length, width, height? I have been planning my own backyard shop for the past few years and would love to copy some parts of your design. Anything you’d do differently or add?

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