No woodwork to show, see Heather’s paintings instead

Time is flying by. I have lots to do around here. I’m back to work on the shop, shingling the roof with Western red cedar shingles. They don’t call them perfect for nothing – I have to stop myself from pausing to admire the wood in these bundles. But I’ve not shot any photos. You’ve seen people put up shingles before. First batch of windows are slated to go in soon. 

bench view

Prepping to go to Spoonfest, then right from there to Täljfest at Sätergläntan in Sweden.

In the meantime – it’s July. That means Heather Neill’s show is coming up at the Granary Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard. Here’s a sneak peek – one perhaps called “dark and stormy” 

Each painting has a blog post, with the notes about the painting. Worth the time in spades.

I might not make it to the island this year to see the show – all the more reason to read the blog. I don’t know anybody who puts more of themself into their work than Heather. Unreal. Always a highlight when we get to visit, see you soon HN.  and

Whoops – posted this & remembered to add the video link:

Visions of Home — The Work of Heather Neill from Barbarella TV on Vimeo.


12 thoughts on “No woodwork to show, see Heather’s paintings instead

  1. Oh, man!!! You can’t do cedar over solid sheathing! It must be skip sheathing, with felt interlaced between shingles. The cedar must breathe or everything will curl up. And, your mega pesos roof will rot in 15 years rather than 25. The only people who want solid sheathing are weeny baby engineers. The only reason we don’t replace cedar with cedar here in the west is it costs too much. But, I bet you are done….

    • Relax, relax. It’s not as if we’re total morons – there’s strapping under all the shingles. Loads of room for air circulation. it’ll all work out, you’ll see.

  2. What to do with all this Inspiration? We’re improving our character as craftsmen and person. Keep up the fine work, Peter, and posting as much as your time allows, even the shingling of your shop roof, and its on-going build. It is worthwhile.

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