Pete Seeger's banjo

I told you I feel inspired. I remember when Pete Seeger died, I searched the web for a photo of his banjo – this week it served as an idea for some wood carving. I’ve had these items rattling around the house since Greenwood Fest; further inspiration. A bowl by Dave Fisher, large spoon Beth Moen, small spoon Derek Sanderson.


So I weighed this piece of wood one more time, and  got the same weight as recorded here in April & early June – 14 oz.

weight loss record

here’s where it will go, a replacement handle for my old Viking-style hatchet.

old & new handles

Here is recto:

axe recto

and verso:

axe verso

a favorite quote from Bill Coperthwaite, found in his book A Handmade Life.

I plan on carving spoons this weekend at the Lie-Nielsen Open House, with this hatchet.

Meanwhile, some birds around the workshop project, which is roof shingling.

female downy woodpecker (right) feeding male young.

feed me

white breasted nuthatch.

wb nuthatch

red tailed hawk, every day being chased off by grackles, blackbirds, blue jays – you name it, they chase ’em.

rt hawk

Red bellied woodpecker.

rb woodpecker

5 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. I miss Pete from time to time. That neck was made from lignum vitae. He bought it and ended up with the frets put in the wrong position, so he had then inlaid and corrected.

    Mike Seeger was really something on the banjo too. His whole family is an inspiration.

  2. Outstanding red tail hawk picture. My wife and I have been feeding birds for almost 30 years along a large wetlands. We see red tails regularly. We’ve had a family of sharp shinned in residence for almost 20 years which has been really special. During the winter I keep 5,000 sq/ft clear of snow for ground feeders and have turkeys that winter over every year. We clear out snow for the birds and fill the feeders before we do the driveway! We’ve stacked piles of rocks around under the large pines which attract rodents which brings in owls, they’re here all the time. This summer with the drought was hard. For the first time ever we kept our feeders up all summer. Insect population collapsed, not sure if it’s the drought or all the insecticides people use. Noticed a complete collapse of the bee populations two years ago, but this year was really bad, no grasshoppers or crickets. Very sad time. We started seeing red bellied about ten years ago and there is one at the feeders every day. Also get a few pileated every day. I got your CDs for carving and the s scroll. Great stuff. Thank you for making them. Enjoy your spoon class in Maine on the 24th.

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