Woodworking in Estonia now available from Lost Art Press


Lost Art Press just announced they are now taking orders for their new translation of Woodworking in Estonia – go order yours, don’t even think about it. I saw it as they were working on it, it will open your mind about woodworking.

If you ever thought you’ve seen this book based on the 1969 US version, forget it. You ain’t seen nothin’. If you wasted your eyesight on the online version that was floating around some years ago, even worse. Now you’ll be able to see what this book is meant to be.

Congrats, Chris, John & the rest of LAP cohorts. Nice going.

read some of the story here: https://blog.lostartpress.com/2016/06/26/now-in-the-store-woodworking-in-estonia/

order your copies here https://lostartpress.com/products/woodworking-in-estonia


3 thoughts on “Woodworking in Estonia now available from Lost Art Press

  1. I am reading the NEW real Woodworking in Estonia. Forget the funky old version. The real Book has arrived and it is fantastic. The plates are excellent, pictures clear, Communist jargon removed and the Book is in English. There was a rumor kicking around the book trade that the old Volume we knew was translated into English by computer (not digital). The book is a time machine of information arising from a culture where woodworking was essentially based on the hand tool. Further , many plates, photographs and much text are based on tools and techniques used in Coastal Estonian Islands where woodworking technology was older than that of the mainland. I wait for Chris to start crafting Estonian workbenches made in part from tree limbs! No joke.


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