Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?


If you have been to an event put on by Plymouth CRAFT, then you already know.

If you came to Greenwood Fest 2016, then you found out.

I said it there, & now I’m saying it again. If it were not for Paula Marcoux, none of it would happen.

We have many dedicated volunteers, board-members, guest instructors, etc – but altogether we can’t keep up with her.

The beginnings of Plymouth CRAFT stem from her vision. Once a bunch of us had moved on from our museum roots, she came up with the idea for forming this non-profit to teach various crafts. We all would have just kept saying, “yea, that’s a good idea, we should do it…” – but she went ahead and did it. So we just followed her lead.

I joke that when the idea for a Greenwood event came up, I said “bad idea, too much work.” But I also said I’d like to go to it, and she just listened to the 2nd part. I’m glad she did. We figured the notion was in the wind, following the great success of Robin Wood & Barn Carder with Spoonfest. So someone was going to do it in the US, and Paula decided it would be us.

Every email that got sent to Plymouth CRAFT about Greenwood Fest was answered by Paula. She personally handled everybody’s requests and comments.

Did all the registration stuff, and handled it when anyone needed to reschedule, refund – all that sort of thing. Sorted the waiting list, and delivered the news to those that squeaked in once spots opened up.

Then brought her bike to the event so she could get around the spread-out campus quickly enough to handle each emergency, request, or other logistical arrangements.

Paula also handled the after-classes planning & registration, then made lunch for 30 of us both of those days. And breakfast for nearly that many.

Those of us who have known her for decades are used to it, but I don’t want to take her work for granted.

So, here’s to the one who made it happen – Paula – thanks for Greenwood Fest 2016.


photo by Rick McKee


Paula’s website including info about her book Cooking with Fire  http://themagnificentleaven.com//The_Magnificent_Leaven/About.html



8 thoughts on “Who cooks for you? Who cooks for you all?

  1. Well said Peter, she is an inspiration, thanks Paula. If governments were as pro active and constructive, we would all be living in a much healthier environment. Now go get some rest, you got new people arriving at the b&b in an hour.

  2. Nicely said Peter! Great appreciation to Paula – I don’t think a Barred Owl, but an Osprey who soars above it all, sees everything and then swoops in with precise accuracy (she even managed to carry long stuff on her bike!)

  3. She is the bomb diggitty! Congrats on another successful event and keep up the good work Plymouth CRAFT, hoping to lure you back to Freetown soon so Paula can try out our new brick oven in “Irene’s Kitchen”. Love watching what you all do, both from near and from afar. :-)

  4. I am so grateful to Paula for all her work, as well as the rest of the crew at Plymouth Craft. I hope you keep doing this event. I came away well-nourished; physically, intellectually, and spiritually.

    I usually lose weight at events like this, but Paula’s cooking seemed to have the opposite effect.

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