a couple of birds have shown up…hopefully more this week

Spring is slow to come here in southern New England this year. Cool & rainy so far. The birds I saw in North Carolina two weeks ago haven’t made it here yet. But some are trickling in now – of course this turkey is resident, but he’s got his springtime stuff to strut now…

turkey rear view


turkey side



The day we saw the turkey we also spotted some newly-arrived purple martins. Soaking wet.

wet purple martins

Then yesterday at home, the sun came out briefly. As I was puttering around the yard, I heard, then found this northern Baltimore oriole. (I didn’t realize it was back to being the Baltimore oriole. Nothing to do with the city, https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Baltimore_Oriole/lifehistory ) Anyway, fresh back from Central America, it’s always a great sight, the first sightings of the spring…



5 thoughts on “a couple of birds have shown up…hopefully more this week

  1. Thanks for the photo of the Baltimore Oriole! Having grown up in northern Baltimore, I never heard it called a Northern Baltimore Oriole. The Baltimore Orioles I first knew about were both named Robinson…see you at Greenwood Fest!

  2. turkeys so goofy but compelling–nice shot of martins, you got the color and that’s not easy–

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