It’s only Tuesday & I already had the highlight of the week

We have lived on the Jones River here in Kingston for 15 years now. We’ve seen lots of things/creatures from our yard. I have kept pretty good track of the birds, (I think 101 species) we’ve only occasionally seen deer (although they’re abundant), coyote, raccoon, skunk, etc. While Pret & I have been working on the frame, we’ve seen an otter several times, Maureen & I found a muskrat on the ice this winter – but today was something altogether unexpected. Here’s the view from the workshop’s site:

what is that

It’s a seal. My assumption is a harbor seal, I think that’s the most common one in eastern Massachusetts. The tide was quite high this morning, and there seemed to be a lot of fish activity, so the presumption is that this seal followed the fish up here.


seal 2

seal face

seal 3

seal nostrils

seal & hump

It’s a pretty short jaunt from here to the bay, unless you go by river – then it winds a bit. But if you’re letting the tide take you, and your following fish, I guess it’s not that big a deal. We’re right near the bottom of this screen shot, just above where the river runs under the road in yellow (3A) –

Screenshot 2016-03-08 16.47.23

Next thing you know, the great white sharks will follow the seal.


8 thoughts on “It’s only Tuesday & I already had the highlight of the week

  1. Very cool. I had no idea a seal would travel that far upriver. Seems like an ideal theme for a children’s book about a daring seal and what he/she saw.

    What a workshop view you’re going to have!

    • What a wonderful visitor to your backyard. Hopefully he will return so we can come across for a peek.
      Kris and Dave

  2. That’s what I was just about to say, soon you’ll have more big fins in the water than Osterville or wherever it is on the Cape where the big guys show up. I can’t believe boatloads of people patrolling the channels looking for Bertha or whatever her name is, the big female shark they track.

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