JoJo Wood – the apprentice clogg maker

This short film has been bopping around the web today; I’ll add it here just in case some have missed it.


4 thoughts on “JoJo Wood – the apprentice clogg maker

  1. There was a clog maker in the town where I lived as a boy. The years were about 1952 to 1956 after which the shop closed. At that time—as far as I am aware—he was the last and rapidly fading person to make these. The place was the north of England (UK) and the wearers were the workers in the cotton mills, men and women, all pretty much wore clogs at work. The wearing of clogs was happening all over the country at that time and before.
    Now, things are much different, safety at work is the prime concern, with proper footwear to protect the feet and everything else, hands, eyes, body. ladders are not used in construction any more it has to be scaffolded stairs or man riding lifts. The expense has to be crippling, an industry has grown up out of safety at work.
    Back to the film. What an interesting take on a very old skill, I wondered if the lassie will feel the same way about it in ten years time—that’s just the cynicism creeping out from me. A good and informative short film.

  2. There is something about a floor covered in shavings that is beautiful… And timeless. I am so happy to have seen this film. Nit is in the vein of “Hands” which was a documentary in the 70’s about various wood crafts in Ireland with actual film. I do hope that tales of… Becomes our modern version of hands. Please please keep producing these episodes… Brings me peace inside
    Oakland, CA

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