Jarrod’s new video

My late friend Victor Chinnery once quoted a phrase he read somewhere – “think much, say little, write nothing.” This, 20 years after his book Oak Furniture: the British Tradition. I’ve been thinking of that quote this week.


Several years ago, I was a guest on Roy Underhill’s show The Woodwright’s Shop, and for a topic I chose spoon carving. The 24 or 26 minute episode shows me & Roy making spoons, with methods that I was using at the time. I don’t carve spoons in the same sequence now…but that was how I happened to be doing it at that time. http://www.pbs.org/woodwrightsshop/watch-on-line/featured-guests/peter-follansbee/

In spring of 2014, I went to Lie-Nielsen to shoot another in a series of videos with them, and we carved spoons. https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/book-dvds/

spoon video

That video shows a different sequence from what I did with Roy…and right after shooting that work, I left for a short class in Minnesota with Robin Wood. I got a ride up Highway 61 with Jarrod Stone Dahl, Robin and JoJo Wood. One evening JoJo showed me how she hews the spoon blank from a straight-grained blank, and once again, my techniques adapted. The gist of it is that we all keep learning as we go. Hopefully it never stops.

Now you can see one of my favorite spoon carvers, Jarrod Stone Dahl, show you step-by-step his methods in carving spoons with an axe, knife & hook knife.

 Jarrod’s new video from Popular Woodworking is available now for download or you can order the DVD. I bought mine last night. I’m sure I’ll add some stuff to my spoon carving repertoire. http://www.shopwoodworking.com/the-art-of-spoon-carving-dvd

If you’d like to come carve spoons, (or boxes, etc) my teaching schedule for the first half of 2016 is here: https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/2016-teaching-schedule/



10 thoughts on “Jarrod’s new video

  1. Peter, have you ever tried using a gouge to carve your spoons? I’ve found them to be nice for doing the inside of the “bowl” as I can “rock” the gouge and it tends to naturally leave a nice smooth shape I’m after. Outside of the bowl of course can be done with nearly any knife-type tool.

  2. To bad no one does books anymore, I really like books and I think they are way better and last longer than videos, you can also take notes into them…..

    Hope one would make a nice book about spoon carving!

    • A) You should invest in PF’s DVD-he does a great job showing, with enough telling to illuminate.

      B) If you still want a book, I just came across a nice one (although I still think the video superior in this case): Artful Wooden Spoons, by Joshua Vogel. I received it as a gift, but it’s worth the $25 or so price tag.

      • Thank you Peter, I do have the book, really nice indeed! I just wish that there would be more, I like going back to the real book, paper, feel, easy going back and forth through the pages, writing note in the margins….

        Thank you!

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