Last 4 spoons I have available for the season

last batch

UPDATE – thanks to all (really all, throughout the year) who picked out a spoon, or other woodsie bits. I have 2 spoons left from earlier, then added the last two in maple. Just so folks know, I have baskets and furniture as usual; but there’re on other pages.

For delivery before Dec 24th, Paypal is the way to go. Then I can pack things & get to the post office in time. If I can get these into priority mail by Friday afternoon, Saturday morning – they should get where they’re going the 24th. I can’t guarantee the postal service, so if you want faster delivery, we can adjust the pricing.

Those not in a hurry, if you prefer, you can mail a check. If you’d like something, leave a comment & let me know which ones…

thanks as always,

Peter Follansbee

3 Landing Rd

Kingston MA 02364


Dec spoon 15, SOLD

part of the “maple crook” series. Another lefty. I love the way this one took its shape from the tree.

L: 9″ W: 2″

Dec spoon 15 top

dec spoon 15 side


Dec spoon 16. SOLD

Maple crook again, this one’s a general/righty spoon. Small black knot in bowl is tight. Over time, it will become less glaring, as the spoon gets its patina.

L:  10 3/4″   W:  2 1/2″

dec spoon 16 top

dec spoon 16 side

Dec spoon 04; birch. A nice crook shape, a large bowl serving spoon.

L: 8 3/4″   W:  3″

dec spoon 04

dec spoon 04 side

Dec spoon 06,   SOLD


L: 7 1/4″   W:  1 1/4″

dec spoon 06

dec spoon 06 side


Also forgot to remind folks that I have a few copies of the spoon-carving DVD I made with Lie-Nielsen.

Carving Wooden Spoons DVD  Or, make your own spoons – I have 8 copies of the  video available, price is $38, which includes postage in the US.  127 minutes.

spoon video


And Maureen tells me she has some knitted & felted goods still, a couple of which are on sale…

SALE Hand knit shawl hand dyed merino, variegated spring colors and deep lavender,evening wrap, lace shawl, autumn, winter

We’re ready to go to the post office…



3 thoughts on “Last 4 spoons I have available for the season

  1. Wishiing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a great New Year. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your new shop.

  2. Hi Peter,

    I also sent this to your verizon email, please excuse the duplication.

    We shot 4 tips before going to decorative carving. 1. Measure the thickness of the bowl bottom 2. Using the sloyd knife to shape the curve in the handles. 3. Hollow the bowl bottom to create a foot. 4. Use a narrower gouge for finishing cuts.

    Because we way past Tom’s desired 90 minutes I suggest these tips be in the related content folder. This also smooths the transition from final shaping to decorative carving.

    There is also a segment on shaping the exterior of the bark side down bowl we shot out of sequence. If I can’t make it flow with the chapter on shaping the exterior I may put it in the related content folder as well. This also helps keep the run time down but still makes the info available.

    Let me know if you feel strongly about any of this. Harry Kavouksorian K Productions 23 Waterman Rd Buxton, ME 04093 207-232-0026

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