Greenwood Fest instructor Beth Moen

Here’s the blurb from Plymouth CRAFT about the current status of Greenwood Fest 2016:

“Greenwood Fest 2016 is sold out, at least temporarily. We expect some spots to open up sporadically, so we highly recommend joining the Waiting List if you missed out on the first round of ticketing. To do so, please email us at ”

Meanwhile, I still have a couple of instructors I haven’t introduced yet. I’m very excited to have Beth Moen joining us from Sweden.


She is one of the few participants I have yet to meet, so I look forward to getting to see her  a bit. Jogge Sundqvist recommended her with the highest praise – so I was glad she could squeeze us in. Beth will be working on her signature hewn round bowls.

Beth  lives in Siljansnäs Dalarna Sweden, and has worked with wood for about 35 years, both with furniture and green wood. Since 1989 she has had a workshop together with AnneLie Karlsson.  Do have a look at their website . The range of projects Beth and AnneLie make is impressive. It includes shaving horses, furniture, crafts and sloyd. And the bowls – some of which are “almost half a meter in diameter” – I didn’t have to look that up to know that’s a big bowl!

Beth is the lead woodworking instructor at Sätergläntan, the handicraft school in Sweden. There she teaches sloyd and traditional  wood craft. In her note to me she says “My favorite tool is absolutely the axe – so I am very happy chopping bowls.”

We’ll be very happy having you chop bowls, Beth. Look forward to it.





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