in between

yard w hurdleHere’s the back yard one morning this week. No pictures of my work these days, I’ve been working up some ash splints for the basket class…just didn’t shoot it much.

For those asking about the Greenwood Fest, 2016 – a couple of things. We’re glad you’re excited about it. We are too. Don’t worry, you won’t miss the announcement when we’re ready to open registration. Right now, Paula Marcoux and I are working on some details, (along with Plymouth CRAFT’s board & numerous other affiliated folks) and talking to the instructors about what they’d like to present. Then we have to figure out some logistics, etc. But you will hear on this blog, on facebook. IG, Plymouth CRAFT’s website and and elsewhere AHEAD of time…I know it’s a nuisance waiting to hear all the juicy bits, but hang in there. More instructor announcements next week too.

I have had my camera out while walking some. Sort of in between birds these days.



2 thoughts on “in between

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