Greenwood Fest, June 2016, instructor JoJo Wood

Spring of 2014. There I was. Just finished shooting my video Carving Wooden Spoons with Lie-Nielsen Just gave notice to my then-employers that I was striking out on my own. And, off for a great vacation to Lake Woebegon to meet Jarrod Stone Dahl and Robin Wood – enrolled as a student in Robin’s first bowl turning class at North House Folk School.

While farting around the shop there in the evenings, I got out my spoon knives and did some carving. After one particular dismal outing, up comes JoJo Wood – she looks at my spoon & says, “I can show you a good way to shape a spoon from a straight-grained blank” – so there & then I got a real eye-opening lesson from someone who was not even born when I first carved spoons! And glad I was. JoJo knows what she’s about…

jojo 2

The lesson? We can learn from all kinds of people, young & old. Woodworking instructors don’t have to be 60-yr old grey-haired men.

And, now – your turn. JoJo is coming to Greenwood Fest to show us what’s what. Her work is great…she puts more thought into spoons than you can imagine. She really breathes these things. AND – she’s hoping to be able to bring some of her clog-making tools to show us some of that as well. Here’s a blurb she wrote up, at great personal cost to herself.

“A second generation green woodworker, JoJo Wood has been making almost since she could walk. She spent her early years travelling the world with her father, meeting craftspeople and amassing woodwork skills and knowledge, building the perfect foundations for mastering her chosen crafts. She is now one of the UK’s leading spooncarvers, and is training under the last of the English clogmakers, Jeremy Atkinson. JoJo hopes to inspire more women and younger people to get into woodworking, teaching that technique wins over physical strength every time.”

Here’s pictures:

and yes, JoJo – I wanted you to be a part of Greenwood Fest because you inspire young people and women to take up edge tools, but also because you’re good at it.






7 thoughts on “Greenwood Fest, June 2016, instructor JoJo Wood

  1. I’ve been involved with the English traditional dance community for decades and am an enthusiastic (if unskilled) clog dancer. I’ve been curious about the craft of clog making for years. I was already excited about this event, but now am even more so! When can we sign up?

  2. Hi Mr. Follansbee , my name is Chris Devine and I live about 10-15mins. From where this wonderful event is being held. I have been following yours and JoJo’s work for a long time now and was wondering if you knew the total cost for this event? I am also a local arborist and could probably help supply the wood needed. Hope to hear from you soon so I can start saving.

  3. Hi. Me and my friend are so excited about this event and want to get on the list as soon as possible knowing this will fill up very quickly. Do you know how much this will cost? Thanks for all you do and keep up the good work. ________________________________

    • Unlike Chris, I live about 3000 miles from this event, but am still interested in coming. Looking forward to info about reg and pricing.

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