Greenwood Fest, June 2016, instructor intro

OK, we’ re starting in on the huge task of arranging and organizing the Greenwood Fest that I mentioned the other day. If you missed that announcement, the dates are Jun 10-12, 2016 in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We’re not ready with a website, etc, but it’s a program put on by Plymouth CRAFT  You’ll hear lots more about it as we get it together. 

We’re lining up what I think is a group of great instructors. I picked them based on one simple notion – I’d like to learn from them. I figure if I’d like it, so would other green woodworkers. We can’t invite everyone I want, and I can’t give you the whole lowdown yet. But one goody-two shoes was quicker out of the gate than the others, so we can show you some of Dave Fisher’s stuff. Here’s his blurb, and if you haven’t seen his website or blog, you’re missing something great. This is a rare opportunity to study with Dave, and explore his ideas about bowls and other green woodwork.  


For the past twenty years, Dave Fisher has explored many aspects of wood carving and green woodworking.  A dozen years ago, inspired by traditional Scandinavian forms as well as other cultures, he began concentrating on carving bowls from green logs.  Since then, he has carved many bowls in a wide variety of woods and forms, continually learning and refining his methods for designing and carving bowls from green wood with hand tools.  Dave has shared his experience through demonstrations, tutorials, and through his website and blog which can be viewed at and, respectively.”


2014 Cherry leaf bowl in progress

Dave could teach the whole thing by himself, but then there’d be nothing for the rest of us to do. So from time to time, I’ll profile the others involved. I’m thrilled that Dave is willing to come to New England to work with us on this. You will be too.


10 thoughts on “Greenwood Fest, June 2016, instructor intro

  1. Holy smokes! I know you’ve linked to Dave’s blog before, but this is the first time I clicked through for a long look around. His work is phenomenal and makes me feel like a mere peon. Doesn’t stop me from enjoying it, guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

    • Great! Now we only need 130 or so more. We’ll give you plenty of notice, here & at Plymouth CRAFT, on Facebook – all those modern venues. keep watching & we’ll get our act together soon.

      • 130 or so… reminds of another “first ever, with an amazing line-up”-Event. I hope you’ll have a lot of good wood in stock, too. It might happen, that you’d better calculate with 1300, build fences, ask for helicopters and order sunny weather…

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