way behind & in between

In between two trips to Maine. Trying to finish up some things. So busy, I’m mostly not even writing sentences…here’s some photos.

the first two were when sun came out up at Lie-Nielsen:

bowls & light

bowls & spoons

I took a morning’s walk at Owl’s Head

owls head 1

saw waxwings hawking insects

waxwing 2

The students took to the bowl carving like crazy. Same thing happened at Roy’s place earlier in the season.


very concentrated, very percussive.


Nic Westermann’s tools were a huge help.


What’s that spot on the inside of Deneb’s bowl?


Back at Plymouth Beach with the kids – can I get an ID please?

what is this one called

Harvard Square, yesterday. Trying out my new hand-me-down Nikon D300. Thanks, Heather. http://heatherneill.com/studio-blog/


Daniel pointing at something down by the river here at home.


Splint basket, made in southeastern Massachusetts. On display at the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography.

local basket

I forget what Nation this basket comes from, but the weaving blows my mind.

what a weave

These next two reminded me of my Alaska trip. Nice seal-hat carving.

carved seal hat helmet

detail of model kayaking

An adze, I think part of the Haida or Tlingit culture…I took no notes, was chasing the children around while trying to shoot photos through the glass.


Finishing up the chest with drawers in the next few days. Photos to follow.


7 thoughts on “way behind & in between

  1. thx for the pics dreaming of maine or lake winnesepakee in the midst of a nyc heat wave. had my 16th century English coffer appraised by George way, local collector of English and dutch furniture. my pics didn’t turn out or I would post them. I will soon

  2. That jelly stuff could be eggs from a marine mollusc but the best way to find out would be to post it on iNaturalist. I can’t give you a link as the site seems to be down at the moment but here is an article about iNaturalist with links in it.
    We have something similar here (naturewatch) and responses are often fast from professional scientists who get notification when there is a new query in their field.

  3. I seem to remember that Kestrel Tool called this style adze a “D” adze. They sell them. Apparently really good for hogging out large volumes of wood, maybe for canoes, bowls, or masks?

    • for those folks who offered some version of sea eggs in the beach shot, this is clearly a young donaldtrump, in the little known hatchling stage

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