it’s not always about woodworking

I have written before about the travelling circus that I take part in. I can never tell who runs it, might be the guy in the white shirt & vest, or the other fellow with the cap & suspenders. One other candidate is the tall one with the bathroom humor. Doesn’t matter whose circus it is, the main thing is there are connections I’ve made over the course of the past many years that transcend woodworking. One of them is Tico Vogt. Last night, I read about Tico’s frightening fall on a hiking trip.


The good news is Tico is going to be all right. I heard from him today and he says things are looking pretty good. It’ll be a while before he’s back in his shop, and longer still til he’s going full-steam, I bet. when I think about something like this, we’re many of us one accident away from really hard times. Tico says he’s OK – but we all could use a hand now & then. So send Tico some healing thoughts, send him a card or an email, buy a shooting board. If you’ve ever met him at a Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event, you know what a friendly & interesting guy he is. I look forward to seeing him back on the circuit before too long.

Keep on truckin’ Tico.


6 thoughts on “it’s not always about woodworking

    • Sue – I just tried when I saw your note – & I couldn’t get to it either. I’ll keep checking during the day. Collapsed lung, broken ribs, fractured this & that. Fell I think 20′ – had to climb up to get to a stable place to wait for over 2 hours for his companion to hike out & back in w help. In a thunderstorm…it goes on from there. just terrifying to me…

  1. You blew up Tico’s little webserver!

    Tico is always great fun to talk to at any event. I’m sending good thoughts, and hope to see him again soon.

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