symmetry schm-metry

I can usually swing with some general symmetry, or “approximate symmetry” as I often call it. This chest of drawers I’ve been building just fooled me, almost knocked me off my feet. I knew it was 2 different designs on the drawer fronts, but for some stupid reason I expected the carving on each drawer front to be symmetrical left-to-right. What was I thinking?

here’s the original – I didn’t even notice how random it is until I began to lay it out today.

full drawer fronts


Here’s a detail of both, one half each.




4 thoughts on “symmetry schm-metry

  1. The top drawer manages to be more-or-less bilaterally symmetrical across the two panels. The bottom drawer just can’t even.

  2. I reckon with six chisels you can easily make an infinite number of drawer front designs and use a random number generator to swap parts of designs around to ramp up that number to infinity to the power infinity, which probably has a mathematical name. Just the simple thoughts of a Strid Wood bodger.

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