6 thoughts on “I wasn’t kidding

    • From the cut marks and appearance, it appears to me to be a front-bent spoon gouge; probably a No: 7 or 8 sweep of generous width.
      The angle of the shot gives it a foreshortened aspect.

  1. Peter,
    I have looked but not found a video by you of your ‘roughing out’ process for these bowls. Is it stricly axe and adze then chisels/knives or do you use other methods to get the initial shape? I know, I should just take a course from you and I’d find out.

  2. Hey Peter

    Some of these deep bowls remind me of Dutch clogs. That would be an interesting project I think. I don’t have the time to attempt it myself but I can’t say they have a long and fascinating development from medieval pattens which were basically slightly carved wooden blocks with leather straps that kept the foot dry over the wet ground.

    Might be interesting to Google pattens and clogs because I think there are a lot of similarities to bowl making.

    Ps recently I came across a joint chest for sale (which I bought at a great price) that was apparently found in the Northern neck of Virginia and has pretty good provenance to a Virginia family several generations back.

    The folks at Jamestown discovery project seem to be interested because it does appear to be an early example of a joined chest in the Chesapeake area. There are number of features on this chest which I think would fascinate you because it’s really crappy. Probably belong to a very simple English farmer in the late 16 early 1700s.

    Let me know if you’d like to see some pics.


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  3. Peter:
    The bowl adz… looks like the adz Willi Sundqvist introduced to us in the late 70’s. Are these (two sizes, as I recall) still available? I thought they came from the Ronnqvists Smides in Tore, Sweden, but am not certain (i’ll bet this machine has all those foreign alphabet letters somewhere…). Any info?! Thanks. Mark in the Patternshop

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