bowls & spoons at Roy Underhill’s

the week that was – two 3-day classes of spoons & hewn bowls at Roy Underhill’s Woodwright’s School. No daytime temps under 90 degrees F., mostly higher. The students hewed like demons, but were glad to stop at the end of the day… thanks to all the students & friends who came out & did such great work. Pictures with captions now:

fresh stcamore
sycamore spoon blanks
Whyaduck? Whyaknife?
trying out the twca cam
tulip poplar bowl stuff
splitting bowl stock
the hardcore used black walnut for bowls
working hard
you can’t tell how hot it was from this picture


AC inside HOT outside
in here, was AC. I sometimes watched from there. they were doing fine
so humid you could see the air
so humid you could see the air
gone to town
emerging bowls
a face for Bob Van Dyke
spoon rack
unusual spoon rack
the shop
put down the bowl pick up the spoon
the gouge work


5 thoughts on “bowls & spoons at Roy Underhill’s

  1. It was a wonderful time, Peter. Thank you! My mind is on fire with thoughts of spoons, bowls, hatchets, and knives.

    If I recall correctly, someone’s “Fitbit” logged 6,000 calories in a day. Who needs a gym?

  2. It was an extraordinary several days – learned so much and had such a great time. Peter, the knowledge you shared was just terrific. Everyone was incredibly generous with their time and patience as well – you, Roy and the fellow students. What a great bunch!

    Yes, it was hot, but not too bad – would do it again without hesitation.

    The twca cam was pretty interesting – I failed to take note of which one of Nic’s you were using – it’s not the compound curve one, is it? Just the regular one, right?

    I have noticed the trees slightly quaking as I pass by now, thinking “there’s a spoon – there’s a bowl” … Or is that just the wind??

    Thanks again for a totally wonderful experience!

  3. Re: boot rack, I know yo use guys supose’d ts be tough, but l won’t be in the market for any spoons for quite a while!

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