In between times

It’s coming up on a year since I left my job as the joiner at Plimoth Plantation. While I was there, I often taught workshops during my vacations and other time off. Lie-Nielsen, Roy Underhill’s place, CVSWW, Country Workshops – but in that format, I only had a few weeks (or weekends) each year available to travel & teach.

Matt riving w Plymouth CRAFT last weekend


When I announced I was leaving the museum, I got offers to come teach in various places, in addition to the usual outfits. When I arranged my schedule last winter, I had no idea how it would work – on paper it seemed fine, once or twice a month, travel to teach. One long, maybe one short class each month. Now I’m in the midst of it, and while it’s great fun (Alaska! Are you kidding?) what I didn’t compute is the time between to unpack, decompress and then turn around & get ready for the next one.

matanuska trip

I’m not complaining, just saying “here’s why there’s little on the blog these days…”

I was thinking, I’m home now for 3 1/2 weeks, before I head down for to Roy’s. Except this coming weekend I’m at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, then next weekend I have a one-day presentation with the Plymouth CRAFT group, then the weekend after that, I’m back at my 2nd home this summer – Lie-Nielsen for making a carved box. THEN, I have to hit the road & go to North Carolina!

mortising from on high
Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking

The plan is to do some woodworking tomorrow & shoot some pictures. I’ll let you know what happens.

How am I supposed to get some birding in? I haven’t even had time to ID this warbler from Maine…



10 thoughts on “In between times

  1. Hmm. I saw Wilson’s in Waldoboro as well. This bird is duller than the Palm, Seems to have an eye-line, which the Wilson’s doesn’t. I almost want to call it a worm-eating warbler, but I didn’t hear it speak. AND…worm-eatings aren’t supposed to be that far north, I think. and the markings are a little weak. I’ll try to post the only other half-decent shot – no streaks on breast.

    • Ahhh – good call, Peter. Geography makes more sense for the R/E vireo than worm-eating. I need vireo practice – I often see warbling vireos in spring; and a few others. But don’t know them well. I vote for your ID.

  2. Looks like you are staying busy. I have finally been traveling around some meeting and networking with others in the green woodworking and blasksmithing community. The traveling is tiring, but I am glad to start putting faces to names.

  3. Worm-eating, Peter. Sibley says: a large warbler, large-billed and short-tailed. Overall a distinctive caramel and olive color; note dark stripes on head, unpatterned wings and tail, plain underparts. That’s my guess anyway–love te boxes–

  4. You need to travel with an entourage. That way, “your people” can make all the arrangements and you just meet them at the airport.

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