Jogge Sundqvist at Lie-Nielsen Sept 19 & 20

Jogge Sundqvist at Country Workshops, 2010
Jogge Sundqvist at Country Workshops, 2010

This September, Jogge Sundqvist will be teaching a 2-day class at Lie-Nielsen in Warren, ME.. This will fill quickly; I am just posting it so you’ll know. I’ll be there, it’s going to be great. read the details here:


And now for all-too-rare posts with birds – cooper’s hawk in the sycamore tree next door. I saw him chasing a feeder bird on the wing, not usually his M.O. Everyone’s hard up these days.


A great blue heron on the ice on town brook in Plymouth – we have only seen a heron once this winter at home, not sure why. Usually they’re here all the time.

gbh gbh ice

Everybody has to be careful on the ice. He eventually got a medium size rodent and choked it down, but it’s before breakfast here so I will spare us the visuals.

careful on ice

There’s a male wood duck who is fixated on a female mallard at Jenny Pond in Plymouth.

wood duck w mallards

These ducks get fed, so are hideously tame. You can’t usually get near a wood duck in the wild, I can’t anyway. He stuck next to her on every move.



It’s easy to extrapolate all kinds of shallow human traits here = she must be very proud of herself, snagging such a showy male. He’s forever primping to keep up his flashy appearance. But they’re just ducks.

On the way home from Plymouth, I stopped to check on the screech owl. It was a sunny day, I’d be sticking my nose out of the box too if I was him.




9 thoughts on “Jogge Sundqvist at Lie-Nielsen Sept 19 & 20

  1. These are the best bird pics yet since I’ve been following the blog (2 yrs? 3 yrs?). Thanks! So it’s a perfect chance for me to also thank you for helping nudge me off the fence on going to Country Workshops to learn how to make a chair 2 years ago. Went back for spoons last spring, going back for spoons again this spring. If I had the dough I’d jump on the class with Jogge – – Drew isn’t given to exaggerating or hyperbole, but he sure has great things to say about Jogge.

    • Jim – that means you one of the lucky ones; to have the experience of working with Drew, down at their place. You ate very well and had a grand time. Drew will be at Lie-Nielsen the weekend after Jogge I think. Maybe it’s 2. I plan on seeing him there…

  2. Peter, I’m not much of a bird watcher – I’ve always preferred plants to animals – but I really enjoy your bird pics. I think your enthusiasm rubs off.

  3. That sounds like a good class but I’m already signed up for a spoon carving class just outside of Boston this weekend. I hear that instructor is supposed to be pretty good too.

  4. Fantastic shoot of birds. I so much appreciate these, Peter. My grandfather was Ludlow Griscom(1890-1959), who taught Roger Tory Peterson. My grandfather was the one who lobbied to have birders and scientists stop shooting the birds down in order to identify them. He was the one, among others, who standardized “field marks.” I’m grateful for your deep appreciation of birds, hawks, and owls. You make humanity proud! Have a blessed day, Peter.

  5. We’ve had a male Wood duck trailing a female mallard here in Naperville for several years. I personally have nothing against interracial dating, but always thought it was strange until reading your post. Maybe not so uncommon.

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