March – time to get going

March. Hmm… it means two things to me right now. One is turn the page on the Yurt Foundation calendar, the other is to march, get going, quit fooling around. This is the month that my schedule picks up. So rather than just picking up whatever project happens to catch my fancy at any given moment, it’s time to knuckle down and get some stuff done.


oak lunette





partly done 2


ignore these spoons

I keep shifting back & forth. I have to ignore these spoons in the daylight right now, and get to work on my desk box, and the 2 chests with drawers I have underway. At least by having these spoons roughed out, I can carve them at night.

Spoons and baskets for sale today – here:

Daylight is for heavier bench work…so the goal for this week is to get the desk box all cut and ready to assemble, then work on cutting joinery and laying out carving for the chest with drawer that’s the focus of my class beginning later this month.

desk box parts

Enough. Here’s details on the 2 classes coming up this month. The first is a 2-day class in spoon carving at Plymouth CRAFT – 2 spaces left they tell me. The class is March 14 & 15 – details here.  There’s knitting, cooking & egg decorating classes at the same time –

The other class is the first entry in the 5-month “build a chest with drawer” class at Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking. We can squeeze another joiner or two in…If all goes well, I’ll be showing you some of oak for that class tomorrow.

and the rest of the schedule is here: including two weeks teaching in Olde England – I’ll write about that next week. 





7 thoughts on “March – time to get going

  1. Is this an e-commerce site or a blog?
    Spoons for sale…baskets..bowls…dvds..books…classes…
    Not all of us are from Connecticut and can afford these luxury items.

    • Ordinarily I wouldn’t reply to a comment like this…but maybe some others are feeling the same way you are. So here are some of my thoughts. I’m sorry if me selling stuff here bothers you – I’ve been selling things on the blog for several years now, it’s not new. If you like green woodworking, oak furniture, carved furniture, spoon carving – these things – there’s a LOT of free information about all of those subjects here on the blog, going back to 2008. Over 800 posts all together.So about 7 years’ worth. Selling things probably started 5 years ago, – I’d say there’s maybe over 700 posts that have nothing to do with money. So you are welcome to read them…there’s a search button on the sidebar to help you find subjects… If folks don’t want to buy things, fine with me. Some do. Also fine with me. This is part of how I make my living. But I’ll always keep writing stuff and photographing stuff that’s not about commerce – maybe you’ll stick around and read it, maybe you won’t. Up to you. Right now, there’s 1336 people signed up to follow this blog. I’ll lose some, I’ll gain some others. That’s how it goes. Sorry if I’ve pissed you off. bread on the table, etc.

  2. Hello Peter,

    I am wondering how long it took you to carve those three panels for the desk box. (they look great!) Perhaps the wood being green makes it go much faster, but if i were carving them it would take me at least two and a half days.

    Just curious…

    • Johann – I have carved those particular designs for ages, so I’ve had a lot of practice. I expect these to be about an hour each. But when I first carved them…half a day easily.

  3. I am very appreciative of the information, and inspiration I have found on your blog. I also understand this is your livelihood and you must promote your work; your work is great, people should have access to it. I get upset because l could never afford to attend a class or evan buy a spoon. Thats more my problem than yours, so I apologise. Keep blogging.

    • CTR – Sorry it got to you. Thanks for your note. Don’t worry, I intend to keep the free parts growing. Glad you;ll stick around. As I said, I’m sure you’re not the only one to have thought “what’s going on here?”

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