no eagles…

Back in the good ‘ol days, I was on the payroll, but no one knew what my job was. So I could spend 4 or 5 hours at a time, watching for bald eagles in the winter… Now that I’m on my own, time’s a bit tighter. I gambled a couple hours today, came up empty for eagles, but got some shots of a red tail hawk shrugging off some crows.

crow & hawk

rt hawk

hawk & crow

hawk & crow behind

When the hawk is  over-exposed, the crow comes out with some detail.

good crow shot

This one’s got a nice diagonal symmetry to it.

neutral corners

While waiting for the eagles that didn’t show up, this great blue heron flew in front of the sun…bg heron


11 thoughts on “no eagles…

  1. Hi Peter,

    I was wondering what made you decide to homeschool and how it is going for all of you. Wade and I are considering it again and I wanted to hear about your experience.

    Best, Katie

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  2. Thanks for all the posts Peter. Those blue herons seem to get everywhere! If I could figure out how to add a picture I would show you the heron wandering around on my boat dock at the other corner of the country here in San Diego.

  3. Hawk/crow conflicts really show how nature has its own rules. I once witnessed a hawk being chased by a “murder” of crows outside my house through the trees, and upon hearing the commotion went outside to watch and saw the hawk, in full pursuit from several crows, divert his path through the trees just to snatch a squirrel on his(her?) way away from the crows. Another time I heard a squirrel crying out on the edge of my roof, outside a sliding glass door only to open that door and walk out as the hawk swooped down an caught the squirrel, feeling the beat of his/her wings as he/she flew away with the squirrel. The hawk captured the squirrel and carried him/her away. I felt sorry for the squirrel at the same time feeling happy for the hawk. This is the way of nature.

  4. You got some great shots, eagles or not. I spent part of last weekend watching the cardinals here sort out territory and mates. It was a good reminder of why we live in the country and makes the commutes bearable.

  5. Hi, I have seen black birds line up, in formation, to dive bomb the back of the neck of a crow looking for eggs to eat. W.

  6. Hello Peter,
    If it’s eagles you’re interested in right now… Check out the live eagle cam at
    You’ll have to wait for the advertisement to play but the cam is great. They do it every year. Two eggs right now. When they hatch mom and dad are really busy non-stop. They are nested right above a trout hatchery so stealing a fish is not a problem in a pinch. You can even work it into your home school curriculum.

  7. Nice shots. Do you adjust the exposure? it’s almost like you had a flash going but I can’t imagine they were that close. I’ve always struggled with getting good exposures from underneath birds in the air. It’s kea I want a good shot of with their bright scarlet underwings.

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