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OK for those of you who wrote, and now mostly for those who didn’t – yes, it’s a technical mixup…

I edited the sidebar of the blog – to do a little housekeeping, and to add some new stuff, Instagram for example. In doing so, it seems that now the sidebar (widgets in WordPress-speak) right now only appears on the front page of the blog. If you open just a post, then all you get is some blather about that particular entry. So something went haywire when I updated the widgets…

My intention is to keep some links there, a search button (that’s how I answer most of your questions, by the way…) and I forget what else.

It’s all still here, going back to 2008. I’ll sit down tonight to try to get it back on track. Daylight is for woodworking, or, I wish, birdwatching.

If you know what I did, and how to un-do it, let me know. Otherwise, I scroll through loads of the help forums on

bald eagle


5 thoughts on “My Back Pages

  1. My best guess is pretty weak. Did you place these widgets in the “Primary Widget Area” or another slot? Every theme has a different layout, so I’d search for help based on what theme you’re using. Something like “XXX theme widgets missing post page”

    • It appears that this theme has never shown your set of widgets in the sidebar on single post pages. So I don’t think it’s something you did…

      I did notice that this theme was retired a couple years ago, so you might want to look at switching to a current theme. Not a big deal, you’re fine staying with this theme, it just won’t get many updates as WordPress moves along.

      It I can be of assistance, do let me know.

  2. If you would like some help revamping your site I would be happy to help – I work professionally with WordPress and could sort you out in no time. You have a wealth of fantastic content here – it would be wonderful to see your back list of posts featured more prominently. Thanks!

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