They weren’t kidding when they made February a short month

carving detail

I can’t believe how fast this month is going by. I guess all that playing in the snow is catching up with me. Tweaked my back a little, (I think it was a sledding incident) so for the past 2 days have had light duty… so some blog updating was due. I wrangled with the sidebar to this blog. I doubt any one actually uses it; but there is a search button down there somewhere, as well as links to order the wainscot chair DVD; Maureen’s knitting/felting site, and Plymouth CRAFT. You will also see I have, much to my own shock, joined the 21st century and added an Instagram link. There is also a Facebook something-or-other out there with my name on it – all of this is down to Robin Wood and Jarrod Stone Dahl, those cursed bowl turners. I’m astounded by these things. Robin showed me his Instagram site – and while I was creating one, people were finding it…I don’t want to know how that works!

Here’s the facebook link –

and the Instagram

I’m trying both of these things. Who knows how long it will last? I still like the blog – that I know I’ll keep.

desk box side

I’ve been carving some parts for a desk box lately. I’ve only made this type of box once before. The original is from the Braintree, Massachusetts group, William Savell and his sons John and William. These are the first patterns I ever learned how to carve. Working on them now is really so much fun; makes me look back on the whole joinery trip. I shoveled out some oak the other day; so more work coming.

Next Friday/Saturday, I’ll be at the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event in Chichester New Hampshire. I will be carving spoons and hopefully talking to hordes of visitors. 

Maureen has added some stuff, and now in the depths of winter, her knitting looks spring-ish. that’ll come…

11 thoughts on “They weren’t kidding when they made February a short month

  1. I will truly miss the sidebar. For new followers it is a wonderland of your work to explore and also an easy to follow timeline.

  2. Interesting little crosses, do you have a stamp for them or is there a clever trick?
    It reads as though you’ve edited the sidebar but it seems to be absent.

  3. Hi Peter , is there still a way to research your older posts ? myself being one of the 1300 plus or minus followers of this blog relie on the older posts for research . Not to mention all that you teach through the amazing photography you provide . Lets hope this is a mere technical problem and it will be restored asap . Friday I was just researching the Savell shops 3 different carvers dad and his 2 boys , I believe September 2008. I open the blog today ,no older posts . Yikes . So for someone who goes to the sidebar more than anything else ,please reconsider.

  4. Wow that was quick ! In the time it took me to write this you already addressed it .Thank you . I can breath again ha ha ha .

  5. Hey Peter…are you going to be at Goosebay Friday and Saturday or just Friday…I want to catch you over there…

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