I almost knuckled down & worked a full day

I set out to work on a couple of boxes the past few days. I have one in oak and one in Alaskan yellow cedar underway. This is the front of the oak box. set in a vise to drive the wooden pins in the corners. It’s going to be painted in addition to the carving.

box w pegs


When I peg the corners instead of nailing them, I glue it too. So while this one set for the glue to dry, I went back to one from a while ago in Alaskan yellow cedar. I am teaching in Alaska this spring, http://www.alaskacreativewoodworkers.org/registration-for-the-peter-follansbee-classes-is-open/ and the guys there sent me some amazing wood to test. I carved a bunch of sample patterns in it, to get the hang of it. So I cut a few of them out to make a box. This one is unlike any box I have ever made – it’s carved on all four sides; inside on the ends, and the lid, inside & out. That way, I get to bring as many different examples in one item as I can. Usually I have a large box full of sample patterns I bring to classes – but I usually drive too. Alaska is VERY far away from here. So this box is going to serve as a sampler. Here’s what I carved on the lid:

yellow cedar


lozenge pt 2


B side

b side done


I got the bottom cut, then the lid & its cleats. But I stopped right before final assembly. If I kept going, I’d be out of time – & wouldn’t get to go outside to play with the kids. The boxes can wait until tomorrow. This photo wasn’t today, but a day last week. Same idea, go out & play in the snow:

bay farm walk




8 thoughts on “I almost knuckled down & worked a full day

  1. So BEAUTIFUL! Really love the design. Especially the first one.
    Lucky Alaskan’s. Lucky you. Paid to visit such a place as Alaska. Perks of being a genius I guess?
    Have fun :)

  2. Those look great Peter! Hope you are surviving the snow storms. Maybe you can send a some this way, we are a bit short. Looks like they are moving the Iditarod sled dog race start to Fairbanks due to a lack of snow in south central.

  3. Here’s a construction question re: pegged boxes. Do they hold? I’m having a hard time imagining this joint being a lasting one, given that there isn’t anything on the end of the pegs keeping the front from popping off – unlike nail heads…even if there’s glue involved. (And frankly, I’m just as suspicious of nails going into end grain, too…)

    Amusingly, I was looking at Chinnery today, reviewing the section on boxes, and he noted that “The construction of most of the common sort of table box is of a rather flimsy nature, consisting of simple nailed or pegged boards.” (p. 364).

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