winter time & the living is easy

For green woodworkers anyway. In summer, working in the wood pile can be unpleasant sometimes. Buggy, hot, humid. The wood storage can get to be a problem. Insects can get in your wood, decay can set into some species pretty quickly.

But in winter….it’s another story. This pile is against a steep embankment in my yard. 

wood storage


4 footers and up


Storing green wood in the log this time of year is a breeze. It’s like suspended animation, even better than Ted Williams’ head. (this is a sure thing, Ted’s head, I doubt it)  I try to store the stuff I need the most upright. There’s a few benefits. You don’t have to lift and heave big heavy log sections around to get at the one that’s just exactly perfect for what you need. And when it snows, it’s easier to uncover the stash. The short stuff in this pile is just over four feet, the birch might be over 6′. (I don’t know what that is in the other measuring system)

split & rived & ready to go in

Here’s some I split out today, broke it down further at the riving brake, and now will bring it in to plane  the long stuff for some joined chests & a cupboard. There’s other less-pressing stock under the snow. It can wait. 

The kids took a jaunt around the yard to test-drive their new snowshoes. More snow on the way, we’ll hit the woods tomorrow or the next day. 

REF snow shoes

DRF snow shoes

Spooked a great blue heron down by the river. 

GBH away


6 thoughts on “winter time & the living is easy

  1. My experience is wood with badly twisted grain will split better when completely frozen. Hit it with a fast moving splitting maul and the fracture is more like a brittle fracture than a ductile fracture.

    Do you split frozen wood? If so are there problems with keeping the split from crossing the grain?

  2. Peter,
    I live in northern Iowa. Soon I will be coming into a lot of white ash, because of the e.a.b. and ants. What would be the best way to preserve the logs, or would milling it be best?

  3. For 10 years I had the privilege to live in the Nelson Lakes National Park. The view out the kitchen window was of a bump in the skyline known as Six-One (6,100ft) when it got metricised the height changed to 1,824m or there abouts. Ergo 6ft is about 1.8m, should anyone care.

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