7 thoughts on “partly done, mostly done

  1. Peter, I’m so glad I saw this posting! Thanks!

    Why didn’t you use a v-groove/parting tool to do the star burst “petals”? Looks like you used a straight chisel. The original petals appear very consistent and even. A ~60 degree v-tool of the proper size would make these evenly. Just my two cents since I will be trying this design in a few days and was going to use a v-parting tool in the same manner you did all the other design layout, but for these petals.

    Also, what is the design you used for the metal punch? Looks like each punch mark is a 3 x 4 grid of dimples.

    Thanks again for the ongoing inspiration.

    • I’m going to wait to try to cut the design until the workshops begin. Peter, 2-1/2 hours to cut this panel is PDQ! I’m going to need twice that amount of time. Curious….will we be practicing the motifs in class and executing the workpieces at home….or vice versa?

  2. Sean, John & Larry – well. as Larry knows, come to the class & then you’ll get the whole story. This one is a warm-up for me, gearing up for this workshop. Short answers – almost no layout, just 2 centerlines/ 2 diagonals & 3 circles. , so, no – the carving takes longer than the layout. No V-tool anywhere near this chest. All done w gouges. the punch is on the blog somewhere. search punches.
    Larry – I stopped to watch some ducks in the river, messed with the kids at one point & took a phone call. Yes, you will need more time. we will practice in class – and cut things both there & at home. It will be a great class. Right now, class size is pretty small, so we can take a few more…hint, hint.

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