one opening in Jan 17/18 spoon class

hook knives

I handled a bunch of hook knives this afternoon (they’re Robin Wood’s hooks – ). Otherwise, sharpening, getting chopping blocks together, etc.

There’s room for one more spoon carver – next weekend in Plymouth (well, really Buzzards Bay MA., but close enough) – we allowed for 12 students and have 11. It’s not too late.

We have some birch, cherry and a wood to be named later. Will I see you there?

Tomorrow I’ll do the lefties.


9 thoughts on “one opening in Jan 17/18 spoon class

    • Tim & Martha – Hi Tim, good to hear from you…
      I have no plans on basket classes. 2015 is pretty full…(I’m starting on 2016’s schedule, can you believe it?)
      but it’s an interesting idea. equipment might be the hassle, need shaving horses for the handles. let me think about it.

  1. I’m also interested in how you attached the blades to the handles. I have two of Robin’s blades which are in need of handles.

  2. I didn’t photograph the steps – but it’s pretty simple. I had birch riven out to double-length. shaving horse & drawkinfe to shape. Bored a hole in each end, then refined/shaved them quasi-8-sided, but not octagons. cut them apart, knocked the handle onto the blade. Just followed Robin’s advice on his site – hardest part was translating “mole grips” from British to American. Think vice grips. 8mm hole. or something near it, i.e. 1/4″ +
    I have 2 of his knives that I use that are just friction fit. I might go ahead & plug the holes on these, just because they’re for students & I don’t want someone new to the game to have a handle come off & the sharp bit go dropping on their toes. But…the two I have are tight as is.
    Had a harder time getting the blade all the way down in the walnut. More give in the birch I think.

  3. Peter, I wanted to come to this class! I had you in my calendar, but I’m needed for tuning some wine glasses at an exhibit in Philly and I thought you’d be amused to know it…

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