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spoon cross section

I have been carving spoons today, getting ready for my first spoon carving class with Plymouth CRAFT later this month. At the bottom of my basket of spoons-in-progress was this remnant from a mishap. when carving this birch spoon, my knife stuck, I wiggled and the thing split apart. I got something out of it, because I was then able to shave it down its centerline to see the thicknesses at different points along the spoon’s shape. This is still too thick – in the bowl and the handle…but it shows the general shape I’m after.

If I hadn’t blown it, I would have concentrated my next cuts in the areas highlighted in blue below. (On most days, I can shave wood smoother than I can draw blue lines w a mouse.) The underside of the handle I often thin by beveling it towards its outside edges, leaving thickness in the middle of its cross-section. I like to keep the finial/end thicker than the rest of the handle.



Those are some of the things I’m thinking about as I carve these spoons lately. Striving to get the spoons thinner these days.

I don’t know which is worse, busting a spoon while carving it, or while abusing it to close a window  – at least Tim got some use out of his spoon for a while.





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