2015 teaching schedule

I’m still working out my teaching schedule for 2015. Some of it is now booked & open for registration. I will add things to this page as they get sorted.

At the Connecticut Valley School of Woodworking, http://schoolofwoodworking.com/woodworking-classes.html  a big undertaking; one weekend per month for 5 months – to build a joined chest with a drawer.

Here’s the dates: Saturday & Sunday, March 21/22, April 11/12, May 23/24, June 27/28 & August 8 & 9, 9:30am – 5:00pm

in this class, we’ll build a joined carved chest w a drawer (one, not 2 like in the photo) It’s part of a collaboration between CVSWW & the Windsor Historical Society.

vine carved chest drawers open

There’s a whole long text about the class – here’s the link. Scroll down towards the bottom



A new local venue, you’ve heard me talk about it previously; Plymouth CRAFT – 2 days of making spoons January, 17th & 18th, 2015.

spoons oct 2013



October 19-23; Another new venue for me, Marc Adams’ School in Indiana. Everyone I know teaches there & more besides. What a place! It’s my first time there, & I’m looking forward to it. We’ll make the oak carved box in this 5-day class.

New box, July 2012
New box, July 2012



the usuals – Lie-Nielsen; two workshops so far. One May 9 & 10, spoon carving.


One June 6 & 7 carving 17th-century designs like those I use on furniture.


Spring in Maine – why not?


It’s the year for new venues – The New English Workshop; http://www.newenglishworkshop.co.uk/ It’s the British invasion done backwards; me, Chris Schwarz, Roy Underhill, Jeff Miller, Tom Fidgen, maybe more.

a five day course, July 13th-17th Bridgewater College and July 20th – 24th at Warwickshire College in England. We’ll be making the oak carved boxes. IN ENGLAND! Wow.



Not sure how registration works for this one; but ALASKA. Yikes. Imagine the birds there!

a carved box April 25-27 and spoons May 1 & 2. I go see birds & what ever else in-between.



Roy Underhill & I made plans the other day for spoon & bowl carving in June; might be 17-19. A 3-day class making spoons & hewing bowls. I’ll let you know when that’s ready for registration, you know Roy & scheduling…

Yup – nailed it – June 17-19, making spoons & hewn bowls. http://www.woodwrightschool.com/spoon-carving-w-peter-f/

Maybe the barred owl will still be around…might be too late again!

UPDATE = this class filled quicker than I ever could have imagined. Roy & I traded notes about adding a second class before this one (how can it be 2nd, if it’s before this one? I don’t know, but it is) …check with him – it’s not on the website yet, but will be soon, I bet. So same idea, but June 14-16. 

the Bag Man
the Bag Man
Roy's barred owl
Roy’s barred owl


August 29th & 30th, back in Maine (I still haven’t moved there yet. What’s taking me so long?) at Lie-Nielsen for a new class in making hewn bowls…adze, hatchet, gouges – great fun.

hewn bowls plural



May 16, in Plymouth Massachusetts, a one-day class on splitting & riving.This is part of the newly-formed Plymouth CRAFT (Center for Restoration Arts and Forgotten Trades) – this one I’ll be co-instructor with my friend Rick McKee – you know, he wrote that great blog the Riven Word (now disappeared into the ether) and currently writes https://blueoakblog.wordpress.com/  – Rick & I will show students how to “read” the log and split it apart with various end-products in mind; furniture parts, clapboards, fencing, etc.






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  1. Another vote for Florida. No walruses but lots of cute manatees. Here in in the north central we have Live Oak trees in abundance – though you’ll need a bigger ax.

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