chair here, spoons there – Plymouth CRAFT

A while back, Paula Marcoux, Denise Lebica & I went to Overbrook house in Buzzards Bay to see how it would work for some of our Plymouth CRAFT workshops. I had been there before, Paula & Pret had legendary parties there…while there, I stumbled upon this chair – sort of a cross between a brettstuhl and a Welsh chair like those popularized by John Brown. I didn’t have my camera, but Paula had Jake shoot it the other day, during the inaugural workshop…

overbrook chair


seat & bow

bow & hand

Meanwhile, after this little holiday this week, I’m gearing up for spoon carving there, a month from now or so. Wrote something on the blog at Plymouth CRAFT about it…here it is:

Bowl of March spoons
Bowl of spoons

2 or 3 spaces left for that class. I can’t keep track…


2 thoughts on “chair here, spoons there – Plymouth CRAFT

  1. Cool! Thanks for sharing. Next time you’re out there could you get a picture of the underside? I wouldn’t mind seeing how the back is attached. Wedged? Mortised?

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