10 minutes, 20 dollars. An ideal shopping experience

I have another chair to make, like this one. I thought I photographed this one with its rush seat, but I can’t find it. 

plain chair no seat yet

People often ask “where can I get green wood?” – one thing I tell them is for short lengths/small projects, check with firewood dealers/tree cutters…we’re home-schooling our kids this year, but they attend a 2-day program about a 15-minute drive from here. On the way is a yard where some tree folks cut & split their firewood. I stopped today, needing some maple for the next chair. Maple doesn’t store well as a log, you gotta use it up quickly, so I never have it on hand. I found a very helpful fellow in this yard, explained what I needed & why, we looked over the newest pile, picked one out, he crosscut it to about 3 1/2 feet, loaded it in the car & away I went.


I hate shopping. Avoid it like the plague. But this was a great shopping experience – 10 minutes, 20 dollars – we both were happy. I saw lots of  other nice wood for small stuff – bowls, spoons & more. I’m all set for much of that sort of thing right now…but I’ll be back when things run low. 

ready to work

But before I get to have fun like that, it’s boxing & shipping – for me & Maureen. She still has stuff on her site; even on sale! https://www.etsy.com/shop/MaureensFiberArts

I have a couple of things left, if you want to send me back to the post office – https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/spoons-more-december-2014/


5 thoughts on “10 minutes, 20 dollars. An ideal shopping experience

  1. I highly recommend craigslist for this

    People need trees removed and frequently you can arrive on the scene to get a couple of good luck start playing with

    A lot of tree companies don’t want to deal with amateurs so it is a good idea to show up with some serious looking equipment: I often suggest a hard hat and a good pair of steel toed boots, some serious axes and froes. A sledgehammer and a couple of mallets—and a good chainsaw.

    Most crews will give a couple of logs to a fella provided they don’t have it spoken for as firewood to somebody else

    For the big logs you’re really wise to contact the crews and ask them where they’re going to be taking down a good Oak or what have you–if you find somebody who does not want to pay the fees the whole along to the dump or it’s not spoken for us firewood then you’ll luck out

    I would only add that having hold equivalent of about four Oak trees at this point it can be exhausting and dangerous. Recently a tree crew fellow had a log roll over on him and crush him. Green Wood is *very* heavy and despite the enjoyment of this stuff that sobering fact should never be put out of mind. I had a nasty accident a couple of years ago when a quartered log pop upwards after set inside my pick up truck–truly one of the most painful things I’ve ever experienced.

    Also homeowners can go either way in terms of allowing a “stranger” on their property due to the obvious things like injury and insurance.

    So while I sound a little cautious, I can I give a good plug to craigslist because you’ll find a lot of logs there and tree crews advertising. Also it’s probably a good idea to mention that our concept of green is relative. I have picked up logs that of been cut two years ago that still have plenty of good lumber inside–provided it’s dry.

  2. I can just imagine homeschooling at The Follansbee Institute for Applied Science. “Today children, we will determine the effects of an inclined plane applied to the end grain of a short oak log”.

  3. Peter, do you know of any woodsmen here in central Ma that may come across black Walnut? I am interested in acquiring a couple of logs and have my own sawyer to custom cut it.

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