when’s the last time there were birds?

waxwing 5

Ages ago is when. I always stop what I am doing when I see cedar waxwings. Last week, they were here for several days, devouring the crab apples down by the river. There were maybe 100 of them, dropping in and out of the apple, oblivious to me.

waxwing w crab apple

waxwing 3

waxwing 4

Here’s a young one, the breast is streaky…white feathers here & there still. Mask not quite done.

waxwing juvy

The day after I shot these, it snowed.

snow on the river

Waxwings were absent – replaced by American Robins – same gig, same m.o. Large flock, stripping the trees. (if you’re in the UK, think “thrush” – it’s not my fault someone came to the new world and named this bird “robin.”)

They will come back, both species, and eat the holly berries when it’s time.


robin 2


13 thoughts on “when’s the last time there were birds?

  1. Wonderful pictures Peter, thank you for sharing. Wax-wings are a favourite Fall/Winter bird for me.
    An enduring memory of my early years is watching a cloud of Wax-wings with my Father, strip some of our Juniper trees. Such a wonderful cloud of song and motion.

    Not seen many Wax-wings yet this year. But early here yet.

    -Nathan W.

  2. Sadly (to my mind), it’s been more and more common to see Robins in the snow here in Southern Maryland, as they’ve started overwintering in the past few years. All the shots are great, but the first 2 are my favorites.

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