Spoon class, January 2015 at Plymouth CRAFT

spoon hook knife

I’m still working out the details of my teaching schedule for 2015 – there’ll be some new places. I think I mentioned before; Alaska, England, Indiana…and most of the usual spots; Roy’s place, Lie-Nielsen, Bob Van Dyke’s. I’ll have it nailed pretty soon. 

One exciting new venue is right here in Massachusetts – local or semi-local people have always asked me where do I teach near home, and til now the answer was “I don’t.” Now I do. We’re in the midst of setting up the classes, workshops, etc that will be Plymouth CRAFT. And along with some food & textiles offerings, we’re ready to cut some spoons. January 17th & 18th; 2 days of green wood; hatchets, knives, spoons – what could be more fun? I’ll have hook knives, students will need their own straight “sloyd” knife and small sharp hatchet. I’ll send a list of possible suppliers..


Below is a link to sign up for classes; mine and others. If you’re from elsewhere, we can send you details about lodging and more…

Hope to see a full class of spoon-carvers! 





6 thoughts on “Spoon class, January 2015 at Plymouth CRAFT

  1. Hi Peter,
    I enjoy watching you work and have learned a lot from your videos and posts so I wanted to thank you. I don’t think I have ever seen chairs as stout and stunning as the ones you’ve made. It’s quite a combo in my opinion. The link to info about the spoon carving class gives a strange error. Just a heads up.

    • Ben — Thanks for the heads-up about the website error… would you mind emailing me directly if it persists for you? Trying to iron out the wrinkles! Hope you’ll be able to come to CRAFT sometime — we’re all about the “stout and stunning”, as you say…

  2. I gotta say, I am super excited at the prospect of more of your courses in MA! I took your first Lie-Nielsen spoon-carving course, and it was great. Can’t wait to see what else will be offered through CRAFT.

  3. Peter, good evening. Thank you for all the effort you put into the woodworking crafts you focus on. I really enjoy the blog and all you share. It simply must be a passion. A couple items I would like to ask about. Source(s) for a small bowl making adze like John Brown ward in his book. How could I get you to come to the Saginaw, Michigan area? I would be willing to help find a sponsor and promote such a class. And yes! I have a project in mind that could be the focus but spoon making or box making would be a great starting point. In Saginaw at the Saginaw Club ( founded as a men’ club for men who worked in the logging camps during the late 1800’s. there is a bench I have admired for years. It appears to me to be made in the green woodworking tradition, carved frame and panel, pegged joinery.


    Not great pictures but I believe you will make sense and have some insights related to this. Please feel free to let’s know if you would be interested in talking about some of the ideas mentioned above. I think a bench could be made and serve as a fund raiser or otherwise be a focal point to help promote wood craft in our area.

    PS around 1900 the Saginaw river and downtown area had over 100 saw mills in on the river, only a few short miles. Best regards, Dan Keane danny.k@charter.net, (989)642-8960 cell Sent from my iPhone

  4. Any chance you’d post a video on sharpening a hook knife? Purchasing one is outside my budget right now, so if I find one in a used tool sale, I want to know what else would be required to make a dinged blade work.

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