Spoons and more for sale, Oct 2014

makes me thing of RB merg

This view always makes me think of a red-breasted merganser; or Woody Woodpecker. I got some stuff photographed and posted finally. I struggle with the photos constantly; they are never to my liking. But after shooting this stuff three times in some cases, I figured it’s not going to get different enough to matter. I hope. There’ll be another batch sometime between now & Thanksgiving, maybe two if I get organized. Here’s the page, https://pfollansbee.wordpress.com/spoons-and-more-oct-2014/ or the banner at the top of the blog’s front page. Leave a comment if you’d like to order something. Only one shipping charge per order for those who order more than one item. No need to get nuts about it…

Paypal is easiest, but I can take a check too if you’d rather, just let me know. 
Thanks as always for the support. I truly appreciate it. 

bowl & spoons


4 thoughts on “Spoons and more for sale, Oct 2014

  1. Peter:

    I would like to purchase #14-105 Birch (my favorite) hook-ed spoon. $120 plus $7 shipping.


    Will Robertson (615) 414-2511

  2. Iam inspired to re think my harpsichord stands acorrding to your re discovery of 17 th and 16 th century skills. Ive invested in mortice chisels . Using a mortice machine is more time and of course expence than a hand chisel. The set of a machine takes a lot of time. The machine makes more sense in a factory setting. I enjoy my new hand mortice chisels.

  3. Peter:

    I hope you got my message last night.

    I will be glad to use PayPal to pay for the #14-105 Birch (my favorite) hook-ed spoon. ($120 plus $7 shipping)


    Will Robertson (615) 414-2511

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