I’m rendered in oils! It’s like having my name up in lights. While travelling this summer, I stopped to spend a day with my friends Heather & Pat in Pennsylvania. Heather posed me for this painting, part of her on-going teacup series.

Here’s the link to her blog; I’m always amazed at Heather’s work…

PF as tea cup series


Don’t forget box-making


12 thoughts on “Immortality

  1. it looks like one of the fantasy art for the Lord of the Rings, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.. The woodcarver making a magical Tea Cup to protect you from evil potions. Great picture

  2. Like the others I must say it has a wonderful magical feel to it. She is a fantastic artist . Lovely mood in that picture, very nice

  3. What a beautiful honor to be painted by such a talented artist. I’d be very touched and proud if I were you. Your a lucky and deserving man.

  4. Magnificent painting, which shows off not only an intriguing subject, but a mastery with the brush and paint. It’s certainly something both the artist and subject can be proud of.

    I agree with Marie Pelletier also, it looks almost like a photograph, and the viewer has to look closely to spot the minor ‘clues’.

  5. Nice, multiple lights sources like a piero Della Francesca, moonlight coming in the window, firelight(?) in front. I couldn’t find a dylan or dead reference though? Maybe “like a bird heading to another joint?” Or just “when I paint my masterpiece.”

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