Birds finally (Hey Marie – I swiped some photos)

Business first = I spent part of a recent evening blabbing about me & woodworking to Cory Mickelson . I understand why it’s a “-cast” but I don’t know what the “pod” part is… I couldn’t get to it from the website; and used Itunes to hear it. Once it started, I shut it off. I can’t listen to me. Cory was very nice – some of you might want to hear it. for some reason. 


But finally – birds.  Daniel & I have been making some early morning trips to try to get shots of the glossy ibis and Little Blue Heron that our friend Marie told us about over in Marshfield. Today we had great views of 2 of the ibises; the Little Blue Heron –  which you will note is white – was not too far, but still far enough that we couldn’t get good photos. The young LB Herons aren’t yet blue/purple like the adults. 

backlit glossy ibis

2 ibises

ibis better light


lbh walkin


To really see these birds; let’s swipe photos from Marie – hers are great…she had a Great Blue Heron one day she was there – Daniel & I saw him there one morning, but not today. then the ibis & the Little Blue Heron. 

Marie's GB Heron head_bill_close-crop

Marie's glossy mouth-open

Marie's LB Heron

7 thoughts on “Birds finally (Hey Marie – I swiped some photos)

  1. Glad you and Daniel got to see the Little Blue–still there and feeding madly–the Ibis still there as well. One injured its foot, it was limping around the panne while feeding the other night.

  2. Listened to the whole pod-cast (a pretty rare thing) and found it very fascinating about your background. Good Luck Peter, and I enjoy every bit of this blog. I continue to use the alaskan sawmill to make my lumber. But I think VERY soon I will be trying the riving method, just to see what I can come up with.

  3. Just as I read this I looked out the window of my commuter train. There on the marsh were about 15 herons, blue and white – now I know they were all blue! I didn’t react quickly enough for a picture though. Maybe tomorrow.

    • Well, Dennis – I’m glad you’re looking out the window from time to time, & not at the screen the whole ride! But…most white herons you see are egrets – small ones are snowy egrets, large ones are great egrets. There are other white herons; depending on where you are…but generally that’s the deal. Likewise, most “blue” herons you see are Great Blue Herons – which read grey-ish to me…
      the Little Blue Heron is a southern bird, making its way north. Not regularly seen here in Massachusetts, but more common now then before.
      however you read ’em, all the herons are some of my favorites.

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