nobody’s right if everbody’s wrong

I was looking for one thing & found another. Last week when I wrote about the wood carrier that I learned from Daniel O’Hagan, I knew I had a shot that I took very quickly one of the last times I was down there. Couldn’t find it so I gave up. Today I found it while looking for some other photograph that is now more pressing.

Glad I didn’t see Daniel’s when I made mine – that way we get 2 interpretations of one form. 3 if we count the published one. Daniel’s versions worked for many many years.

daniel's carrier


Here’s mine from last week. I have more of this sort of thing to make in late August/early September.

wood carrier

For review, here’s the one from China at Work

china at work wood carrier



6 thoughts on “nobody’s right if everbody’s wrong

  1. Peter, Great article. i know you will enjoy retirement. I recalled that Drew had a chapter on a log carrier using a bent handle and splayed “legs” in the book Green Woodworking Handcrafting Wood from Log to Finished Product. HAd to check is out and see how your’s was different. Both good solutions.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Stephen Stills of Buffalo Springfield 1966. Not about Kent State though many thought so. Rather some protesting at The Roxy and other clubs on Sunset Strip. People living there wanted a 10:00 curfew due to the ‘noise’ the music made.


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