now it begins

Friday was my last day,

All that really means is that Saturday was my first day. Went back to these hewn bowls –

hewn bowls

bowl & gouge

hewn bowl carved


time to finish them up, so I can start the next batch of 3.  What fun. I was carving at 5:45 am today; why wait til 9?

But first things first, it’s time to go see the whales.


back to work later on…



10 thoughts on “now it begins

  1. I’m bummed that I didn’t get to make it out to see you at Plimoth. With the class in Port Townsend cancelled as well, I feel like I’ve missed out.

    My wife has suggested that maybe next year I can fly out to take one of your classes or workshops which I think could be managed. You’re work on the blog has been a pretty strong inspiration to me, and I’ve moved from novice in my garage to teaching some basic carving classes at Rockler in my area.

    Enjoy the transition to the next phase!

  2. Peter the bowls are excellent and works of art. Your future is exciting and I look forward to following your progress. Best wishes!

  3. Hi: New beginnings are sometimes hard. I will express curiosity as to why you have left… But I admit I admire your work and you career path I somewhat envy. Your reasons are your own and I don’t need to know.
    Be well.

  4. I work as a conventional carpenter in Alaska during the summer. Come fall I am a joiner again. I am very accustom to transition. Its my life. Its often welcome often feared. I hope you feel all of the wondrous emotions that come with this. Good luck Mr. Follansbee you are an inspiration. Please keep up the posts. I have little to look forward to in my free time in remote Alaska. Your posts are a blessing On another note I am searching out a traditional inupiat spoon carver whose work I have seen.
    All the best – Adam

  5. My wife just recently retired too. Her first day a tornado came through and we’ve got 100 year old white oaks down. Quite a start. I trust your’s is much more pleasant.

    I continue to enjoy your blog and activities. We love your spoon, thank you for making them.


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