Now where’s my croze?

One day quite a few years ago, I got a call to come to Hingham to see an old building there that had some tools in it. I walked in, and my jaw dropped. All the tools, patterns, many products, benches, lathes, etc of a small cooper’s and toy-maker’s shop. an absolute time-machine. Spooky.

Now after maybe 7 years or more, the story is told in an exhibit and accompanying book “Bucket Town” = I saw a preview of the exhibit when I lectured at Old Sturbridge Village last week for the Society of American Period Furniture Makers. and got the book. I remember thinking when I first saw the collection that I would like to get the job to photograph the objects. Thankfully that didn’t happen, and eventually they got Gavin Ashworth to shoot it. Derin Bray has done the catalog; and it is excellent. I’m so glad I was not involved, seriously. When these guys got rolling, they did a great job of it. What a story…the building was locked up for maybe generations, and the kids were told to keep out of there. When they finally opened it up, it was like a time capsule. Only filled with good stuff, not the tacky crap people intentionally put in time capsules.



The book has just been publishied!

The cooperage is pails, not barrels.Also bent-wood boxes, miniatures and toys. Great history, well worth it. Here’s a link to the story, and to the exhibit




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