Not my spoons, Jojo’s

As you can tell from the last post, I am in a state of flux; many things about to begin. First, I finish up at Plimoth, then on to a slew of ideas. Make a bowl-lathe. finish the hewn bowls. clean up parts of this house so I can work here some. Take the kids on a whale watch. some work for MLB Restoration, aka the Blue Oak guys. Those are some priorities, not necessarily in order. And I have a bunch of blog posts unwritten. Let’s try this one.

Every time I attend some woodworking event in the US , it’s principally a bunch of old men. In flannel shirts. Mostly. We have been seeing some young guys coming along. So it was a gas & a half to meet Jojo Wood when I was at North House Folk School a few weeks ago. She’s a double-whammy – a young woman woodworker. And what spoons! Robin Wood had written on his blog “her spoons are better than mine” – and I assumed a father’s pride in his child’s work, but then I saw her spoons in real life. very nice stuff.

jojo spoons

inspiration 5

She’s grown up around green woodworking of one sort or another; mostly her bowl-turning father, but somewhere there’s a photo of Jojo & her brother learning knife work from Wille Sundqvist when they were quite young. (HA! swiped it from Robin’s blog)

Jojo pre-dreads

Jojo told me that when the first spoonfest happened in Edale, she noted the lack of women instructors; and began to concentrate seriously on her spoon carving. I jumped at the chance to learn her technique for carving a “crank” as she calls it, into a straight blank. Very organized, logical approach. Blows my doors off. Jojo told me she’s been lucky to have met all the great spoon carvers of today, without really having to leave home – through the spoonfest events and otherwise through connections w Robin.

jojo hews

Well, I think luck had something to do with it, but practice, skill and a good eye made it happen for her too. She’s been up in Wisconsin & Minnesota feeding mosquitoes for a few weeks, but I hope when she’s back home she’ll add stuff to her blog …

Jojo's spoon

Nice going Jojo, I look forward to when we meet again…




6 thoughts on “Not my spoons, Jojo’s

  1. So many talented spoon carvers around today, and based on what I’ve seen on her blog and other places on line, JoJo Wood is one of my favorites to be sure. Must have been a blast hanging out with such elite talent as JoJo, Robin, Jarrod, etc. while in Minnesota. And for my money, your spoon carving talents rival anyone’s out there.
    Looking forward to seeing your bowl lathe. I am wanting to make one like the ones that were made for the bowl turning class that Robin taught. Looks like a pretty straight forward build and a nice, solid design. Wondering if yours will be based on that design?
    Good luck in your future endeavors post-Plimoth. I have no doubt that you’ll be just fine in whatever area you choose to concentrate in; be it teaching or selling your wares. Still hoping to catch up with you on a spoon carving class some day soon.

    Take care,

    Jamie Bacon

    Jamie Bacon

  2. I agree with you on JoJo’s spoons I just had to buy one when Robin & JoJo came to the Spoon Gathering in Milan MN

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