short film of Bill Coperthwaite, thanks to Anna Grimshaw

Some time ago, I heard of some films recording Bill Coperthwaite at his home in Dickinsons Reach, Machiasport, ME. I got a hold of the filmaker, Anna Grimshaw and we corresponded a little bit. I wrote to her the other day, and found out that her films got picked up by Berkeley Media; a distributor of educational films. Here’s some of Anna’s note from today:

“I have just signed a distribution agreement with Berkeley Media that means that they now have all the rights to the material.   I had hoped to find a distributor that would make DVDs available to individuals at a reasonable cost.  I was unsuccessful, despite sending the work out quite widely to a range of non-profit/educational distributors.

Berkeley Media was very keen to have the work.  They largely supply educational institutions — hence their prices are high but individuals and organizations can apply for a discount on purchases.  It seemed important to me that the films about Bill be properly archived and distributed, so despite the restrictions and pricing, I decided Berkeley Media was my best bet.”

I just searched Berkeley Media’s website, but didn’t find the films. Maybe they’re not added yet…I’ve seen them, they follow Bill through the seasons at Dickinson’s Reach. Good stuff.

Anna kindly sent me the link to a “leftover” film, of Bill working on a chair he’s made. It’s not an action feature; no car chase, little suspense, etc. Nor is it a how-to, or a documentary. It is really a snapshot of Bill at work, tinkering around in his shop. When I know more about the other films, I’ll let you know. I really appreciate Anna making this available to us, and am grateful that she spent all that time recording Bill. If it asks you for a password – it’s Coperthwaite


<p><a href=”″>A Chair- in six parts</a> from <a href=””>Anna Grimshaw</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


6 thoughts on “short film of Bill Coperthwaite, thanks to Anna Grimshaw

  1. Hi Peter – No luck opening any of the posted links; apparently the film is ‘private’ and requires a password. This may be too late for Anna now that she’s made arrangements with Berkeley, but Lee Valley Tools (Ottawa, ON) would have been (is) the best folks I can think of to have approached on this. They publish an eclectic range of out-of-print books and other obscure ephemera related to fine woodworking. Based on your description, this would have been a very good fit for their customers. Kindest, Andrea

  2. Thanks for the film. I am a little saddened to learn that the owner of the films went looking for a distributor favorable to woodworkers but came up empty. I see an empty niche. Lost Art Press, where are you?

    Harlan Barnhart

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