Whoops – wrong bowls

Sunday is the first day of bowl-turning class with Robin Wood – but I have been hewing bowls lately.

row of bowls

I have only ever made these one-at-a-time, and then usually years between versions. Right now, I am working on a batch of about 6 or 8 of them. One thing I miss is having room to really photograph some of the process, and a store of scrap wood to shim, wedge & otherwise cobble stuff in place. Had to use a carved rail to shim the underside of this bowl while I shaved the end grain.


Some of them are the “upside-down” orientation. I have most of these ready for drying, so I plan on finishing them later in June. But by then, my head will be filled with the possibilities of turned bowls and wh0-knows-what-else from my trip to the North House Folk School. http://www.northhouse.org/ 

Exciting times.


upside down

I have known Drew Langsner for 34 years and he’s been making these longer than that. Here is a link to the Country Workshops site, with Drew’s article about how he works these bowls. http://countryworkshops.org/Carving%20Large%20Bowls.html

And don’t forget the youtube site Country Workshops has with the Bengt Lidstrom video 

11 thoughts on “Whoops – wrong bowls

  1. A fellow interpreter and I were just yesterday debating whether or not you ever make bowls, after a visitor wanted to know where they could get one. Thanks for answering our question so quickly!
    Personally, I love the banana shaped one you’re working on.

      • I’d definitely like to start thinking about storing some of those memories in other, more readily accessible (and potentially less forgetful), places…

  2. As long as your in Minnesota you might as well come to the Spoon Gathering in Milan MN on June 6th & 7th

  3. I dont think I have ever seen one of your bowls I am excited to see them finished. Thanks for the link to David Fishers site very inspiring, I just need to get a bowl adz and I can make some myself. Thanks Peter,

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